10 Rules For Surviving At Online Gambling - Part 2

Here is the continuation of the 10 rules for surviving at online gambling - rules number 6-to-10.

Rule #6: Set Valid Limits. Do not play up to last dollar at hand. Setting limits will require the player to have self-discipline. Setting the amount that the player is willing to bet for the day will be a protection from going broke.

Rule #7: Set a specific goal. The goal in every casino game is simple - that is to win money. But the following question is: How much winning is enough?

In a given day at the casino, many players lead, at some point. But the main problem is that many players don't know the right time to quit, because they want to win more. And this is where these players begin to lose. Just because they want to gain more money, they tend to lose more, because they do not have a definite goal of how much winning is enough for them. Be precise. Make an outline of your goal with every gambling session that you play in, and as much as possible try to reach your goal. Make your goal realistic. You can base your goal on your bankroll and skills. A beginner should consider setting a lower goal, and as your expertise grows, also your goal can increase.

Rule #8: Mind the percentage of payout. Before you play , live or online, know the payout percentage of the game. It should be worth your time to play.

Rule #9: Don't chase the comps, but, instead, take advantage of it. Comps online take several forms; it can on bonuses, retuning player rewards, VIP programs, free play, or referral fees. Online casino and traditional land-based casinos offers varying comps. Traditional casinos offer comps that involve cash, food, rooms, entertainment and the like, but online casinos offer one specific comp, and this is free-bee money. The player should take care to maximize all the awards offered to them, as much as possible. A player can increase his bankroll with these comps, but never chase the comps. Chasing after comps, and making a priority out of them, is not worth your while.

Rule #10: When online, Look for a gambling website that can support all your preferences. This is the last and final rule on how to survive, if you choose to do your gaming online, as opposed to a land-based casino. Choosing a website for online gambling, do not overlook the buy-in, blinded by marketing gimmicks and hypeoh that are used to attract players such as you. Have your own little research data on what site is the best. Read reviews that can be found online, and look the site that has a great reputation when it comes to gambling and paying jackpots.

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